Real Estate, Closings & Financing

Straley | Otto represents and counsels buyers and sellers in the purchase or sale of residential and commercial real property, as well as businesses. Ancillary services are also provided, such as the review or drafting of Purchase & Sale Contracts, Business Contracts, Promissory Notes & Mortgages, Leases, and other general real estate law and business issues. Most importantly, Sellers are always encouraged to obtain legal representation in the sale of their real property. Let us show you how to get your Buyer’s Title Company’s settlement and closing fee waived and get full legal representation at minimal to no additional cost.

Deeds & Titles

There are well over 10 different kinds deeds. Many people do not realize there are several options. Which type you use can have different beneficial or detrimental effect depending on your circumstances and needs. Straley | Otto can guide you through this process.

Evictions & Other Legal Actions

Straley | Otto can assess with 3 day notice to tenants, file landlord residential and commercial evictions, electment, partitions, quiet title actions, and other legal actions.

Action Title Company

Action Title Company provides unique settlement and closing services for the purchase or refinance of Real Property. When Buyers and Borrowers choose Action Title Company they are given the benefit of an attorney-owned company. Contract preparation/review and guidance as to how to work through title issues is included in the settlement and closing fee.

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How To Get Your Settlement & Closing Fee Waived

Are You Represented?

Often times Sellers allow Buyers to control their transaction by not seeking their own legal counsel and instead pay the Buyer’s Title Company’s Settlement, Closing and Document Preparation Fee without receiving the benefit of an Attorney’s guidance. A Seller’s Attorney provides benefits to Sellers throughout the negotiation and closing process.


Full Oversight

Importantly, when Sellers are represented by an Attorney, their Settlement and Closing Fee along with any Document Preparation Fee and Notary Fee charged by the Buyer’s Title Company are typically waived. This makes for a smooth transaction and takes stress and pressure off of Sellers and their Realtor for little to no extra expense. As wire and other fraud has become pervasive in the real estate industry, we recommend attorney representation and protection in this area.

Save With Flat Settlement Fees

Straley | Otto offers clients a Flat Fee for Sellers that includes legal representation such as the preparation/review of the purchase contract, addendum to the contract, title commitment, lien search, and closing statement. We also follow up with the Title Company and Lender on critical dates and prepare the Warranty Deed and other Seller’s documents required to transfer title. All documents are executed at our office without having to actually attend the Buyer’s closing. We oversee the wire transfer process or seller closing funds.

These services are provided for practically the same fee charged by the Buyer’s Title Company, so why not have your own legal representation?

Trusted, Competent Representation

Straley | Otto will advise on all real estate matters and can even help you save on your titles, closings and financing.

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